Alongside the significant tourist development goes Western Galilee region in recent years , also were established several hotels and lodging options that exceed classic Zimmer . Today, when you are looking for property in northern favor your next vacation , Western Galilee region draws ever now offers a variety of options of hotels, island suites and handbags alongside newer ones , all offering real Galilee hospitality experience and quality .

When you look me in the north you will find hotel accommodation quality and availability of almost any budget level and each level of accommodation , ranging from just a room , a bed to put on her head and breakfast pampering options to boutique hotels and luxury accommodation estates singular .

Nahariya and Aco

Two main cities along the coastline of the Western Galilee There are various options of Hotel North – Some established hotels and some new tourist initiatives . These two cities can be found in classical hotels and unique boutique hotels , as opposed to most other options of me and the Galilee Hotel North West which is more included in the category of boutique or holiday villages in different models . So you can relax and stay in Nahariya Hotel Carlton , Hotel Arena Starkman new Madison Hotel , Hotel Frank , in Kay and other smaller hotels in Nahariya.

Acre , the highlight is undoubtedly the new Efendi Hotel painstakingly established and resources Uri Jeremias – which is Uri Buri oldest fish restaurant . This is a unique boutique hotel in Israel , an ancient Ottoman building with a spectacular design – a must for fans of the genre of boutique hotels and anyone who wants to see what the true potential of Acre .

Travelers Hotels

Every Western Galilee region of good options , quality and availability of hotels and hotel travelers simplified model , yet very cozy guest house . These include for example the ones existing hotel , hotel Ziv Bridge Shlomi guest house , Home Kit Ghetto Fighters’ House , dolphin captivity of Zion Village resort custody Hotel Ayalon , youth hostels Pekiin , knights or Acre or hotel nature Yehiam . Also Hacienda degrees is one of the oldest and most successful institutions in the region.

Boutique Hotels

If there is anything that abound quality and very diverse in terms of me and the Galilee Hotel North West in particular , this boutique hotels. These smaller hotels , with meticulous design and high standard of accommodation especially Amf all amenities and extras . Hotels Suiko These include wind complex cylindrical threshing Pinchas and Gaston Schliemann captivity of Zion, ” place ” , Schliemann Mansion ornament , home Abirim and more.

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