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Western Galilee region is developing tourism in recent years , the Israeli public discovers the charming area of this special and all weekends and holidays just congestion him and the many attractions it offers. Western Galilee in a prime location and unique sea on one side and spectacular beaches on the other, the green mountains and pastoral charm of the north , as the middle there are plenty of special communities of all kinds , attractions and endless possibilities for tourists. Local culinary scene is also in rapid development and quality , when there have been many and varied restaurants and when talking about recommended restaurants in North then I have certainly seen an impressive representation of the Western Galilee restaurants .

Good food certainly upgrade any vacation or travel , when you combine it with the spectacular landscapes and attractions of the Western Galilee , expecting you to a unique experience and diverse restaurants in the Western Galilee . Some places have fascinating stories or locations all surprising that special scent of the Western Galilee . Here is an overview of some of the recommended restaurants and successful , especially in this time inside and not directly on the shoreline ..

Arnold ‘s – Session caravan route

Chef restaurant , kosher meat seat caravan route . The restaurant is located in a picturesque and cozy wood between plantation agriculture seat caravan route which is located about two miles south of the intersection Cabri . Chef restaurant manager Uri Arnon , who came to the area following his marriage , while behind him a wealth of experience leading gourmet restaurants in the center and one of the most successful restaurants in the flesh . Cuisine he gourmet style and emphasis on meats, with French and Mediterranean influences . restaurant has received high praise and success , including high ratings with regard to recommended restaurants in northern Israel.

Coffee and Bakery Sourdough – Beit Haemek

A little south caravan route , Kibbutz Beit Haemek , opened in 2013 Bakery charming little boutique offering a small coffee shop and a lovely and delicious variety of tasty dishes instead . The place opened Efrat Katz , originally the seat portions in the Western Galilee and now lives in the valley. Sourdough Bakery is located where it once was common shower and storage kibbutz clothes . You can sample and buy fine sourdough bread , good coffee , cookies and delicacies from all over the region.

Shota – Restaurant Georgian constitutions saved

Dream of the two companies became reality delicious and delightful in a renovated charming little nearby Kibbutz saved Nahariya Acre . Georgians great selection of dishes , cardamom personal touch and lots of charm .

More Western Galilee restaurants worth visiting are Uri Buri legendary Old Acre or bar area Kokoschka new Turkish bazaar , Adelina Kibbutz Cabri , Breakfast Club captivity of Zion, Kotz’inlh seat swamp and many more other good – Enjoy!

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