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A trip to Israel may be a fantastic, enlightening experience – or a highly unpleasant one, due to misunderstandings, miscommunications and basic mistakes outsiders make. Although this plot of land is a very popular object for tourists all around the world, some parts of it aren’t as adjusted to foreigners as it should be. And the current trend is to stay away from the most known attractions and choose some esoteric, special places instead.

The hidden gems of Israel

Israel may be very compact in its size, however there’s something to see and to do in almost every spot around here! Almost every relatively old city in Israel has some kind of “old city” with interesting archeological artifacts, museums, memorials, special restaurants and above all – a high variety of breathtaking, very special landscapes. Even the locals are appreciative of their own homeland and sometimes prefer some faraway resort in the North of the country over a 5 stars hotel in Turkey.

How tour guide Israel can enrich your experience?

A well-educated and experienced tour guide is a perfect service for every person who visits Israel. The ability to have interesting stories and remarks over every spot in the country, familiarity with the most exquisite, not so expensive and highly authentic spots is very valuable for a tourist who wants to have a grasp over all the “faces” Israel has, and trust us – there are many of them. From the high-tech party-city Tel-Aviv, to the ancient and controversial Jerusalem and some of the old towns which resembles the cultures who visited this land over the history: Romans, Turks, British and many more. Acre, Jaffa, Caesarea, Zichron Yaakov, the enchanting mountains of the Golan Heights and many more – these are some of the less known attractions in Israel what will make your tour guide Israel be worth your while.

Planning the trip with the tour guide

In order to achieve to most from your trip, it is advised to plan the whole route ahead and have tour guide Israel to prepare everything for your arrival, including tickets to various activities, vehicle for making your away around and even make all the reservations in the restaurants.

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