Visiting Northern Israel Offers Tranquility and Peace

When visiting Israel, many people think about cities such as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. These areas are special places to visit, but there are other unforgettable places in the country as well. One of those places is the Western Galilee area, in the northern part of Israel. Western Galilee offers beautiful scenery and a host of things to do while visiting the area, in addition to quietness not often found when on holiday.

What to Do in Western Galilee

Western Galilee encompasses an area in the North West part of Israel. It is a more rural area than many of the other tourist spots and offers a tranquility that is very unique. It runs along the coastline, so it offers an opportunity to enjoy the water. Further inland it has hills and mountains, offering beautiful scenery that is second to none. If you are looking for a quiet, yet interesting place to visit, there is no need to look any further than Western Galilee.

Western Galilee offers tourist attractions such:

  • Akko, a Crusader port city that contains a unique archeological experience.
  • The Keshet Cave, also known as the Rainbow Cave, which offers breathtaking views of nature.
  • The Tefen Open Museum, which offers not only artwork but also beautiful sculpture gardens and a vintage car collection.

The area has a lot to offer, but the most important attraction in Western Galilee is its tranquility. Many people visit because they wish to see beautiful, natural scenery, and enjoy the quiet they do not get when visiting the city. This makes for a very restful and peaceful holiday that is not always possible in other locations.

How to Find a Place to Stay

When visiting any part of Israel, there are numerous websites that will help you find a place to stay. Sites that include Jerusalem rentals , as well as others, are plentiful and an excellent place to start. These sites offer options such as hotels, bed and breakfast facilities, hostels, and luxury apartments or homes. Regardless of your preferences or your desired price range, these websites are the perfect place to start when finding a place to stay in Israel.

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