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Every year many fantasize about the moment when the plane will take them to their next vacation . Sometimes we forget that even in Israel there are endless places to visit and tremendous diversity in relation to the size of the area , which is basically our travel time . One enchanting regions , the Greens and our most Europeans is the Galilee , and in the Galilee region has often ” wins ” at least reference and Western Galilee . Relatively to the center of Galilee , Galilee and the eastern outskirts of Galilee Sea of ​​Galilee and Golan looks more western obvious that the lower mountains and something in him as calm and less extreme. Western Galilee is a charming and when planning trips north Recommended definitely take it into consideration.
Forts and castles as in Europe
When thinking of the Western Galilee rises picture of Achziv beach or Rosh Hanikra , magical places and amazing in themselves but Western Galilee is not just a beach . Climbing north road will lead you to the green hills and the woods are full of vegetation that includes hidden houses expect the built area. The view area is stunningly beautiful landscape of sea on one side and mountains on the other. High places in the western Galilee are strategic points overlooking the surroundings and therefore were set up in forts and castles . One of the forts is a fortress Yekhiam which returns every year on Sukkot the Renaissance and filled with princesses , kings , knights and lots of music. The holidays are a great time to get to . There is also a fortress Montfort which seems hidden in the forest , just like in Europe. If you are looking for attractions in Western Galilee overlook these magical places .
Streams and endless hiking trails
If you are looking Hiking north with much green and water, Western Galilee has a lot to offer. It has rivers like Kziv fetus in a ravine surrounded by mountains and woods or stream HaGaaton passing around Kibbutz Yekhiam (yes, HaGaaton not pass just inside the city of Nahariya … ) that the region abundant wildlife . You can walk in surroundings of orchards which grow wild and fig trees , almond trees blooming in late winter , pomegranate and carob . This course near banana , avocado , olive groves and more.
Imagine the life of Knights
Difficult to talk about this land without mentioning one of those attractions in the Western Galilee allow us to years back to the Middle Ages. It Acre . Acre will find the Knights Hall where the Knights lived at the time, the newly renovated Templar tunnel leading to the walls and harbor. Round Acre, the market , the houses and walls will remind you of other ancient cities and disconnects you from the daily reality for a moment .

 one of the biggest benefits in traveling to the galilee is that its still relativly close to the central of Israel, you can enjoy a full day of hiking and then next day take a short ride to relax on the tell aviv beaches and enjoy a tel aviv massage.

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