Galilee – recognize and plow the West

The Western Galilee region entails a lot of nature on one side and a history that includes the development of the settlement in the country in different periods of nationalities and religions who left their mark on the environment and the world in general, as the Crusaders , Ottomans and more. Western Galilee including many landscapes , from the unique beach ends icing on the cake ( as a beach cylinder is definitely whipped cream and a very special compared to other beaches ) and Rosh Hanikra to the green mountains and rivers scratching them and what you can see amazing views of Mount hooks. There is no doubt that tours the north must also include visits to the Western Galilee. It has a lot to offer .
Environmental tractor plow
Western Galilee landscapes are special only to him . ATV tour in the north, including the Western Galilee will lead you to magical places in which foot or by car , plain, Haitham come . Coast between Acre and Nahariya example is a beautiful beach , sandy beach and rocky part with creeks and small bays and lagoons formed quiet and calm . You can go to the beach with -terrain vehicles ( when going for a walk with a neat you can be sure that you are going only where permitted ) . Also leading trips to attractions like a fortress in the Western Galilee Yehi’am when travel is following a convoy Yekhiam captured the fort , Kziv trip , river swamp , and more. ATV trip north will show you the environment, you may already know previous trips a little different angle .
Western Galilee – full of art and interesting people
People who bagged the Fklautihm and moved to Galilee instead of the bustling center of the country are probably special people encounter with them is an experience in itself. There are quite a few attractions in the Western Galilee originating from people who have done the act , initiated and established something special. For example, a sculpture garden in Kibbutz Eilon is a lovely place created by man. So chocolate house in the village Miilya , Coffee and Chocolate gives a feeling of European and passes workshops , artists in different fields share , teach and give workshops in their field or simply open their home to travelers will be able to enter, look and be impressed. Encrypting and cylinder seat There are also many alternative therapists in a variety of treatment methods so if Tired from the trip there where to stop and rest.
Food, Food Forward
Attractions in the Western Galilee another kind are numerous restaurants where . If not Htzteidtm well walk, restaurants many culinary influences , from the Lebanese influence through the Balkan , Italian and Spanish to hide them sometimes between plantations , orchards and woods . Stopped on the way back and enjoy a meal in the green zone .

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