Awesome Adventures in Israel for Kids

Israel is an excellent place to visit during the summer. If you are a family with children, there’s no end to the amount of activities in which you can take part. There are many summer camps in the country that you can enroll your child in. Most people have the perception that Israel is only a place for adults who love history and religion. While it is true that the country is filled with historical temples and significant locations (such as Jerusalem), there’s a lot for children to do as well. Here are some of the best activities for children in Israel.


Traveling To the Dead Sea

You could take your kids on exciting adventures such as rafting along the Jordan River, or tell them stories about Jerusalem. However, your kids will definitely enjoy a trip to the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is one of the most fascinating lakes in the world as you cannot drown in the water!


Join a Summer Camp

Joining a summer camp in Israel is an excellent activity for many children. If your child wants to learn something new in a fun and exciting way, joining a summer camp is a great option. If the kids are happy, then the whole family is happy. The guide at the summer camp not only takes the children on adventures, but they also learn some new things every day.


Fruit Picking

Fruit picking is an excellent activity during the summer season. Children may be taken fruit picking in Northern Golan Heights and even visit some of the many amusement parks in the city. At the end of the trip, your children will have made plenty of new friends and memories.


Day Tours

Many private tour guides also offer day tours for children. These tours are designed to teach children something new about Israel while taking them to some of the most significant locations in the country. Common locations include Masada and even the City of Jerusalem. The guide tells the children many stories about Old Israel and how it prospered.

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