What are the churches that must be visited in Nazareth?

More so than being the largest city in northern Israel, Nazareth is world known as the childhood home of Jesus Christ

Nowadays, Nazareth is locally known as the Arab Capital of Israel, as it is the largest city in the northern region of Israel and the most heavily populated Arab city in the Holy Land. However, Nazareth’s fame all over the world is mainly derived from the face that Nazareth is the childhood home of Jesus, and as such, a main and important center for Christian pilgrimage. Considering that, it is logical that Nazareth has many churches that are a must visit for a Christian Tourist in Israel, with many non-Christians also finding Nazareth to be a remarkable and significant site for its beautiful and amazing churches.

What are the churches that we need to see and visit when traveling to Nazareth?

Starting from the most important and most famous church in Nazareth and maybe all of Israel, no tourist can visit Nazareth without visiting the Basilica of the Annunciation. The Church of the Annunciation is a centerpiece for every trip to the holy sites of Israel, and it is there where it is believed that Gabriel’s Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary took place. Nowadays it is a beautiful and significant site, constructed in 1969 by the Italian Giovanni Muzio. Close to the basilica lies St. Joseph’s Church, a Franciscan Roman Catholic church that was constructed where St. Joseph’s workshop was located. The church symbolizes the place where Jesus was raised until becoming an adult.

Another church, known as the Synagogue Church, is actually a rather small one but also a very significant one. It is there where according to Christian tradition Jesus studied and prayed. It is there where one Sabbath day Jesus went to preach, and it is there where his “silent years” has come to an end.

Also worth a visit is the Church of St. Gabriel, an alternative church of the Annunciation for Greek Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox followers.

The churches of Nazareth experience is best when it is carefully and expertly planned by a professional travel service

When planned and executed by a professional travel service that specializes on the holy sites of Israel and Nazareth, a trip to the holy sites of Israel and Nazareth becomes a truly holy and inspiring experience for every tourist. If it is to the churches of Nazareth where you wish to go, it is smart to use professional help to plan the best Nazareth experience.

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